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 Without Personal Voting Work of New Rada is Impossible. There is no Reason to Take the Oath, Says Opposition

The meaning of work in the new parliament will be relevant when the issue of personal voting is resolved.

Batkivschyna deputy Andriy Shevchenko noted that without personal voting normal work of the Verkhovna Rada of seventh convocation is impossible.

"We believe that coming back and going to the Parliament of the seventh convocation to continue doing the same as in the sixth convocation does not make sense. So this is a big question. It makes sense to take the oath and begin to work if we solve the issue of personal voting, if we return to observing the elementary parliamentary procedure," he said.

Shevchenko noted that he hopes to resolve the issue with a personal vote and believes that a positive solution to this problem is possible.

As it was previously reported, the opposition insists on respect for the constitutional provision on the personal voting of each deputy.

The Verkhovna Rada registered the bill number 11468 by deputies from the NUNS Mykola Martynenko, Iryna Gerashchenko and Oleksandr Bondar compelling the deputies to vote in person. The text of the bill "On Amendments to the Law of Ukraine" On the Regulations of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine "(regarding personal registration and voting with the use of electronic system)" is published on the official website of the parliament.

The bill offers registration of the present deputies before each plenary session by an ID and a written signature.

In the Plenary Hall the electronic system will makes it impossible to register by another person.

Responsibility for ensuring these requirements rests with the chairperson of the plenary session of the parliament.

Furthermore, according to the draft law, open voting is conducted by each deputy personally using the electronic system in a way that makes it impossible for another person to vote instead. The voting results are recorded by name, including the ability to print the voting of each MP. At the request of deputies, the voting results are displayed on the bulletin board of the electronic system in the session room in accordance with the deputy factions.

The representatives of Rada say that the issue of personal voting is not the most important one.

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