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 Dzharty Daughter Involved in Corruption Scandal: This is Donetsk Scheme

Viktoriia Omelchenko, daughter of former Makiivka mayor and head of Crimea Vasyl Dzharty is implicated in a corruption scandal regarding the transfer of state property into the hands of her husband.

By decision of the Economic Court of Kyiv (where 32-year-old Viktoriia is a Deputy Chairman) the property of state-owned Nikopol Pipe Plant goes to Oscar a company affiliated with Valerii Omelchenko and Vadym Ermolaiev, reports NR.

Yermolaiev - is a known Dnipropetrovsk oligarch (Alef corporation). But Omelchenko is better known as the husband of Victoria Dzharty, writes Forbes. On October 28 Valerii Omelchenko was elected to Parliament from the Party of Regions in district № 55 (Donetsk oblast), with 69.3% of votes. The elected official in his program emphasized the social standards, and in his declaration boasted revenues in Austria, cars (Land Rover, BMW X6, Lexus RX, Bentley Continental), land, and apartment.

Earlier Dzharty family supported Valeriia Omelchenko. His companies produce limestone on the peninsula, and were planning to work in wind energy. The energy projects did not work so well after his highly placed father-in-law died.

Former head of the State Property Fund Valentyna Semeniuk-Samsonenko is outraged about transfer of the state owned plant into private hands. "Earlier the plant belonged to the state, bringing revenues to the budget, providing jobs. But the plant was overtaken and now it is ceded for debts as a result of a court decision in favor of a direct relative," she said. In her opinion, the plant's union could react to the matter.

Another former head of the State Property Fund Oleksandr Bondar is not even surprised by the transaction.

"This is a typical Donetsk scheme. It has been around for a while - it is traditional when a place is just taken place through a court decision. There are plenty examples like Nikopol Pipe Plant. And there is no doubt that this is a profitable entity, that's why Dzharty's family close to the President's family has taken over," says Bondar.

According to him, the plant was previously owned by ex-President's son-in-law Viktor Pinchuk (apparently through Yermolaiev's companies). Now the plant is being transferred to the hands of Donetsk gang.

"This is a continuation of the tough redistribution of property - it is taken away from some oligarchs and pocketed by others. And the fact that the court of Dzharty's daughter makes such a ruling, is also not surprising. It is as they say a family business, and everyone knows how corrupt the judiciary system in Ukraine is," concluded Oleksandr Bondar.

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