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 US Put Ukraine on Level with Belarus Regarding Democracy

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized the conduct of the authorities of Ukraine and Belarus, and praised the elections in Georgia.

On Thursday Clinton gave a speech at the Brookings Institution on relations of the United States and Europe, News-Ukraine reports.

"The October elections in Ukraine were a step back in the democratic development of the country, and we remain deeply concerned about the cases of selective justice over opposition leaders. In Belarus, the government continues to systematically violate human rights, thus we continue to call for the release of political prisoners and support those brave activists who defend the rights of the Belarusian people," said the Secretary of State in her speech.

She also informed that the U.S. "welcomes the elections in Georgia and the first case of a peaceful transition of power in the history of this country. We continue to urge the new government to demonstrate its commitment to democracy, transparency and the rule of law", she said.

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