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 The Party of Regions Sees No Reason for Resignation of Kaskiv: He Had Euphoria

People's deputy of the Party of Regions faction Dmytro Sviatash believes that there is no reason to dismiss the head of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects Vladyslav Kaskiv due to technical problems with the signing of the agreement with the Spanish company on the LNG-terminal project.

He expressed this opinion in the commentary to UNN.

"You cannot dismiss a man for a mistake. Indeed there is some problem with not checking the credentials of a person signing such an important document. Maybe it was some kind of euphoria, some mistake," said the politician.

That is, according to Dmytro Sviatash, there is no need to look for "malice where there is none." If the Spanish company denies the desire to participate in the LNG-terminal project, it is necessary to revoke this project and hold a new tender. "There is not only this Spanish company, there are Top-5 companies in the world making terminals. There is a South Korean company, Italian company, German one," he said.

Responding to clarifying question of whether there is reason to dismiss Kaskiv from the post of chairman of the State Agency for Investment and National Projects, Sviatash replied: "I do not think that this is a (sufficient) reason. Perhaps, you reprimand him for negligence. But to dismiss him if does not want to - I do not see such grounds."

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