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 Chechetov Does Not Know if His Hand Will be Needed in New Parliament: Today There is Censor.NET, Tomorrow There Isn’t

The Party of Regions has not decided how the voting of the faction will be conducted in the parliament and who will be the main coordinator of the process.

In an interview to Censor.NET Party of Regions deputy Mykhailo Chechetov.

"What will be the system of coordination, who will be the coordinator - it will have to be decided by the new faction. The fact that the system of coordination will exist the faction is a fact. Because the faction that has 226 or more people certainly requires a coordination system. But what kind of coordination system will it be and who will be the main coordinator of it will be decided when the session starts and the faction will be assembled," said Chechetov.

According to him, the faction will have "maximum discipline and consistency," and all discussions will be conducted prior to making decisions. "But when the decision has already been made, then it will be implemented by the faction on the floor. There will be basic position worked out before the session hall. I can give an example: if tomorrow someone from Svoboda party votes for our language law he will be immediately expelled from the faction, do you agree? Why then do you ask stupid questions? asked Chechetov. Why can Svoboda have a faction position and the Party of Regions be in a mess? Discipline will be very strict."

However, Chechetov answering the question of whether someone can replaced him in the system of coordination said: "The people are not irreplaceable. Today there is a Censor.NET and tomorrow there isn't. A different site will appear. Will the Internet disappear because of that? Although I wish your site prosperity and further growth..."

Answering the question of how many deputies have been recruited to the Party of Regions the politician answered: "The number of people in the faction will be at least 226 people or even more at the start of the session. We know what we are talking about…"

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n225541