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 Yanukovych Signed the Verdict for Ukraine, Says Party of Regions Deputy

The consequence of the law "On National Referendum" may be the disappearance of the Ukrainian state.

This was stated by deputy of the Party of Regions and Member of the PACE Monitoring Committee Serhiy Holovatyy on Channel 5.

"After the head of state legalized the fraudulent law on the referendum, the result may be vanishing of Ukraine as an independent state," he said. "Because the referendum, according to this law, can be used for any question," said Regions deputy. "As Medvedchuk said today, the first question is on the Customs Union ... It will closed Ukraine's path to the EU which means a path to Russia. With Chechnya, Beslan, explosions ..." said Holovatyy.

"Now instead of the current Constitution referendum law is in effect which says that the parliament is not needed, the current Constitution is not needed," said the deputy. "Today the state of Ukraine as such does not exist. Because Ukraine does not have government institutions that would protect Ukraine as an independent state, which would secure its democracy, which would ensure that Constitution works," he said. Answering the question of why he does not leave the Party of Regions faction in the parliament in protest against this tyranny, Holovatyy said: "The act of leaving it is pointless."

"The fact is that the institutions that ensure the rule of the law do not work: the Constitutional Court is not working, the prosecution has not been brought in accordance with the European standards, the judiciary branch in Ukraine as an independent institution does not exist, there is no legal profession," he concluded.

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