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 Opposition Will Not Allow Referendum on Joining Customs Union, Says Yatsenyuk

The United opposition will not allow the authorities to hold a referendum to amend the Constitution and join the Customs Union.

This was said by head of Batkivschyna United opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk, responding to questions from journalists in Kharkiv on Tuesday, reports the Ukrainian Pravda.

According to him, the law on national referendum "has nothing to do with the actual will of the Ukrainians."

"The purpose of the law is clear. Through this law the current President is trying to make a decree regarding the new Constitution," - he stressed.

"We warn that such a decision would be unconstitutional, illegal, since any changes to the Constitution require voting in the parliament," said Yatsenyuk.

He stressed that, as far as the opposition knows, the law also aims at ensuring through a decision of the referendum to join the Customs Union of Ukraine.

"It seems this is one of today's political commitments of the President and of the regime: that if the opposition comes to power, and because the accession to the Customs Union was pushed through a referendum, it would be impossible to cancel the agreement," said the head of the United opposition council.

According to him, the opposition is expressly opposed to this law: "No referendum against the will of the Ukrainian people, and against the Ukrainian Constitution will be carried out. All decisions will be passed as required by the current law - through the parliament."

He stressed that the referendum law "was not voted for by the members of the parliament but by cards: 50 deputies pressed the button for more than 200. So the law is unconstitutional," he added.

"Yanukovych will not be able to legitimize his rule through imaginary referendums and fake law which he signed today," said Yatsenyuk.

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