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 Azarov to Businessmen: Oh, You Disagree With Me? Was it Better When You Were Paid by Coffins and Manure?

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov reminded businessmen that there was a time when the business had more complicated problems.

He stated it today at the Ninth Congress of the Ukrainian Employers Federation, reports LigaBusinessInform.

During the congress, the participants, representatives of businesses talked about the difficulties encountered in their work. Thus, VAT refunding problems were discussed, washing out of the working capital of enterprises, the overpayment of income tax, inadequate legal framework.

"You and I have known each other for years, and we went through various periods of our history, much more difficult than today. Do you agree with me?" addressed the audience Azarov. However, there was no answer from the audience. "Oh, you disagree?! Then I will remind you. In the 90's, when three-quarters of businesses were not working? When we were paid with coffins, manure, anything - was it easier? My friends, let's not scare people with pessimistic forecasts. We went through a very difficult time when, unfortunately, we lost 70% of GDP. Yes, it happened. Therefore the trials of now, by and large are bearable for us, and the problems that you set we solve. Let's put a stop here," said the head of the government.

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