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 Tomenko: Presidential Elections Without Tymoshenko Mean No Elections

Deputy Speaker of Parliament and one of the leaders of the United Opposition Mykola Tomenko stated that the presidential elections without Yulia Tymoshenko mean the absence of the presidential elections in Ukraine.

He made the statement in an interview to Italian journalists in Rome, Batkivschyna press service informs.

Today in Rome the facade of a building on Capitol Hill was decorated with a portrait of Yulia Tymoshenko and inscription Freedom for Yulia Tymoshenko as a sign of solidarity and support for the opposition leader in Ukraine. The relevant decision was adopted unanimously by the Rome City Hall despite the political situation and the recent parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

During his speech, Mykola Tomenko thanked the Mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno who personally took part in the ceremony, and the Italians for their support and expressed the hope that "their consistent and tough stance on this issue will assist in the release of Yulia Tymoshenko."

Commenting on the political situation in Ukraine and the fate of Yulia Tymoshenko in an interview to Italian journalists, Mykola Tomenko noted that "of course, if we have European support, as we now have support of the city of Rome, and obtain a decision of the European Court of Human Rights, it would be a prerequisite to Yulia Tymoshenko's speedy release."

At the same time talking about the prospects of the new Parliament, Deputy Speaker Mykola Tomenko said that the party-list of the opposition was given great support by society, and that the government lost a significant share of trust.

"In fact, if the parliament was formed on a party basis, the opposition would have the advantage of more than 30 deputies but because of "anti-elections" in plurality districts were fraud and bribery were used the "tax , police or prosecutor" majority may be created in the parliament and plurality candidates will be hoarded into the Party of Regions," he said.

The politician also noted that the opposition's demands remain the same: "If there is no personal voting, no ability to control the activities of the government through the Parliament, we will press for early parliamentary and presidential elections in which we hope Yulia Tymoshenko will take place."

"For the presidential elections without a popular opposition politician are not presidential elections a priori."

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