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 Opposition Deputy Moskal: Ministry of Justice Says Police Special Force Berkut is Illegal. DOCUMENT

Berkut should be disbanned for what they are doing to civilians. In the fight against real criminals they don’t do any good.

Opposition deputy Hennadiy Moskal wrote on his Facebook page: ""After the events in Pervomaysk I inquired about legal grounds of creating this "terrible and mighty " special unit. It turns out there are none. All along everybody got used to the existence of these armed people with shields, batons and handcuffs, "idols" in helmets and masks who are only useful for dispersing protests. No one has even suspected that this formation is illegal."

According to the deputy, by decree of the President of Ukraine "On state registration of legal acts of ministries and other bodies of executive power," all the regulations the Ministry of Interior should undergo mandatory registration with the Ministry of Justice: "No, they just are not valid."

"I sent an inquiry to the Ministry of Justice and they answered that they had no orders of the Interior Ministry to approve the Regulations on the special unit Berkut registered with them. Let's go further - under Art. 7 of the Law "On Police", it is prohibited in the territory of Ukraine to establishment military or other armed formations or groups not provided for by the legislation of Ukraine. That is why the Ministry of Justice has not registered Berkut, because this formation is contrary to the law "On Police" writes the politician.

Summarizing, Moskal wrote: "The only legitimate police special forces is Sokol (Falcon) which operates on the basis of the law "On the institutional framework of the fight against organized crime". Everything else is outside the law of Ukraine. And it is time to land this bird

(Berkut means Eagle) and cut off its wings. It has turned into ruling party's weapon against unarmed opposition. And we will take care of them in the nearest future. Good luck to you all!))."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n225184