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 Head of National Bank Arbuzov: This is not all. Dollar Rate Will Continue Dropping

The National Bank of Ukraine does not rule out that the dollar will drop below 8.19 UAH. Нацбанк Украины не исключает, что курс доллара упадет ниже отметки 8,19.

This was announced by the head of the NBU Serhiy Arbuzov on ICTV channel, NBN reports.

"I think this is not all. I think that the rate will move (downwards) ", said Mr. Arbuzov, responding to a question about whether the dollar will drop.

The head of the National Bank stressed that the exchange rate is set by the market.

In addition, Mr. Arbuzov promised that the NBU will deprive license to the banks that refuse to sell currency to the public.

Earlier, President of the Ukrainian Banks Association Oleksandr Sugonyako expressed belief that the dollar will reach 10 hryvnia until the end of the year.

In his turn, the opposition MP Andriy Pavlovskyy said that President Viktor Yanukovych's representative in the Verkhovna Rada Yuriy Miroshnichenko privately said that the hryvnia exchange rate in the next year is 1 in 12.

Напомним, президент Ассоциации украинских банков Александр Сугоняко считает, что курс доллара до конца года достигнет 10 гривен.

В свою очередь депутат-оппозиционер Андрей Павловский заявлял, что представитель президента Виктора Януковича в Верховной Раде Юрий Мирошниченко в частной беседе рассказал, что курс гривни в следующем году будет 1 к 12.

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