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 Referendum on Release of Tymoshenko Will Take Place Regardless of Yanukovych

Referendum on the release of Tymoshenko was initiated to prevent Yanukovych from signing a law on referendum.

Censor.NET reports that the initiator, deputy Yuriy Odarchenko noted that the start of preparations for the referendum is to serve one more purpose - to prevent the President from signing the referendum law passed by the parliamentary majority on November 6.

The opposition considers the document unconstitutional and believes that with its help the authorities intend to achieve change of the constitutional order.

"The President thought to use the law to change the Constitution but he did not realize that it can be used as a tool to release Yulia Tymoshenko. I think now, having realized this, he will refuse to sign the document," Odarchenko shared his assumptions.

Odarchenko also informed that the legal procedure will commence next week.

"The process of organizing the initiative groups in all oblasts will take 3-4 weeks. After that we will start collecting signatures for which the law gives us one month. The period will be around New Year but there is nothing we can d. We will be collecting signatures during the holidays," Odarchenko said, expressing confidence that the necessary three million signatures will be collected in time.

In the case the law enters into force, the results of the people's will automatically change the legislation, while today they have only recommendatory value.

However, Batkivschyna representatives emphasize that they intend to seek the referendum regardless of the president's decision on the law.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n224924