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 Party of Regions Power is Based on Fear. There is One Argument – Bullet, Says Deputy

NUNS (Our Ukraine-People's Self-Defense) deputy Yuriy Hrymchak says that in politics it is very hard to resist and not to become a ‘carcass’ (join the progovernment majority) if huge sums are offered.

He, Oles Doniy, Taras Stetskiv, Volodymyr Aryev, and Hennadiy Moskal survived and did not sell out in 2010 when the regime was buying their party mates.

Gazeta.ua quotes the politician: "When people from the party were being bought in 2010, I told Lutsenko (then the leader of the faction): 'Should I be pleased or offended? Everyone is offered 10 million but not a single bastard has approached me," says the politician. "Right now Zasukha took a loan for the election in the amount of 8 million hryvnia (1 million dollars). And how is she planning to return it with interest if in 5 years of honest work in the parliament you can only earn 100 thousand? It is clear right away why the person is going into the parliament. But you cannot take rich people either because the business is the weak link through which they can be influenced. Taking poor people is impossible, too. Because people who have never seen a million dollars in real life will hardly resist bribery. Can you imagine how a suitcase with money looks?"

However, Yuriy Hrymchak says the regime buying the "carcasses" holds its own deputies not only with money but also fear.

"2005. A Conversation with one very influential Party of Regions deputy. He was made for certain events to occurr. He says 'You know what, no. It will not happen. We have a powerful safety device that stops everything. Very simple one that weighs 9 grams. A bullet.' Today the Regions are held in check by fear."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n224801