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 Yanukovych's Friends Stole One Billion Seven Hundred Million from Children, the Media

In June, state enterprise "Derzhekoіnvest" signed an agreement with three little-known companies on their insulation. However, many sites did not have any work performed on them at all although all of the terms have expired.

The Ukrainian Pravda reports that LLC Sodetel, LLC Antisa Trade and LLC Stroyinvest 2007 until the 30th of October, before the cold weather had to insulate schools, kindergartens and orphanages throughout Ukraine, change windows to metal and plastic, insulate facades and repair roofs. The contract amount is 1 billion 739 million hryvnia. However, many sites had no work not performed on them at all although all of the terms have expired.

These little-known companies are just a cover for someone more famous and powerful. The person who has received one billion seven hundred million. Insulation of schools was given to LLC Karpatybudіnvest - the property of deputy Yuriy Ivanyushchenko, better known as the Yura Yenakievskiy. The control of the company was confirmed to Forbes-Ukraine personally by Ivanyushchenko's business partner - Ivan Avramov.

Ivanyushchenko is a longtime friend of President Yanukovych and, despite rumors of a possible conflict between friends he is feeling as confident as ever. At least, his companies continue winnig tenders for hundreds of millions of hryvnia.

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