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 Lutsenko to Prosecutors: I Ask Mental Cripples, Cross of Oak and Woodpecker, to Abide the Criminal Code

Presiding at the trial proceedings on appeal against the sentence of the former Minister of Internal Affairs Yuriy Lutsenko judge Oleksiy Prysyazhnyuk asked the convicted to be polite in regard to the representatives of the state prosecution.

UNIAN reports that Lutsenko was warned after he protested the position of prosecutors who said they saw no reason to meet the petitions stated by the former minister and his defense.

"I would ask the mental cripples of the Prosecutor General's Office to refer to the rules of the CPC," - said Lutsenko, referring to the side of the state prosecution. In turn, the chairman responded to this remark: "Yuriy, well, let us be more polite." However, in response Lutsenko said: "Your honor, I did not use the word moron. Well, then let's call them products of crossing an oak and a woodpecker. I ask the court to stop the prosecution idiocy - it is the fate of three people that is being decided," said ex-minister.

Currently, the court retired to the deliberation room to decide on the petitions.

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