Party of Regions is Considering Taxation of Currency Sales

The faction of the Party of Regions is studying proposal of currency transactions taxation.

This was announced by the faction leader Oleksandr Yefremov at the briefing, responding to questions from journalists, reports Liga.

"Indeed, a proposal on taxing the currency sales transaction by 15% was submitted. Now this issue is being studied by faction's experts and tomorrow it will be discussed at a faction meeting," he said.

Yefremov noted that only after this discussion we can talk about the faction's position on the issue.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ministry of Finance and the National Bank have developed a program to combat currency speculation by administrative measures. One of the measure could be the introduction of the tax on the sale of foreign currency - 15% tax on the sale and 1% commission to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. Now it is sufficient to show your passport/ID and conduct the conversion without any commission payments. In the near future buying a currency with a view to resell it, speculators will automatically lose 16%.

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