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 Russian Foreign Ministry: Nobody is Pulling Ukraine into Customs Union

The Russian Federation does not insist on Ukraine joining the Customs Union.

The statement was made by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Denisovsia, reports UNIAN.

"What do you mean trying to force Ukraine using economic instruments such as gas? Nobody is pulling anyone, nobody is making anyone, nobody is dragging anyone anywhere and definitely not using economic levers," said Andrei Denisov.

According to the representative of the Foreign Ministry, the Customs Union members have rights on a mutual basis to provide each other certain preferences and thereby promote bilateral trade.

Andrey Denisov said that the Ukrainian authorities themselves should answer the question of why the decision on the participation in the Customs Union has not been made, in spite of the economic benefits.

"This is a matter of choice, the question of a modern, free and informed choice for each country", - he said.

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