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 Herman Personally Trained Students Before Meeting With Yanukovych

As it previously reported, yesterday President Viktor Yanukovych met with leaders of student organizations.

According to Kommersant-Ukraine, seven representatives of the various organizations have been invited to the meeting. The Presidential Administration prepared very carefully for this event. A week before the participants were asked to write and agree their speeches, and on the eve of the meeting, they were invited to Bankovaya for a rehearsal led by presidential adviser Hanna Herman.

One of the first to come was the first Deputy Minister of Education Yevhen Sulima. He nervously paced from corner to corner until Mrs. Herman brought in students. But a few minutes later she asked the guys to leave and come back after the President.

The students intently listened to Viktor Yanukovych who read a part of his speech from a paper. From time to time the head of state tried to improvise, "I wrote an address to you, but I know life, as they say, for what it is."

Then the chairman of the All-Ukrainian youth organization Student Republic Pavlo Viknyansky. He smartly reported that students "are not afraid to take responsibility and work for the good of the country." "Ukraine can do some things better than many other countries. For example, we held Euro 2012 without a hitch and we are ready to share it with the citizens of other countries," said Mr. Viknyansky cockily. Viktor Yanukovych praised his speech.

The meeting continued behind closed doors. As "Kommersant-Ukraine" revealed, Mr Yanukovich complacently supported all initiatives, treated students to tea and organized a tour of his office. "The President has a beautiful office, decorated in shades of green. Large table, on which the papers lie but I did not notice a computer on the table," said one of the participants.

More information about the event was provided in the official press release. Thus, Viktor Yanukovych told details on his plan: "The President said that he begins work from home - at 8.00 a.m. he holds first meetings. The Head of State continues to work in the office on Bankovaya street until rush hour passes so as not to inconvenience Kyiv drivers. According to the President, his working day usually lasts until 9:00 p.m. "I have to work at weekends, too," his press service quoted the President.

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