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 Merkel: There Are no Prerequisites for Signing Association with Ukraine

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sees no possibility to sign the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine at the present time.

She stated this at a press conference on the results of the German-Polish intergovernmental consultations in Berlin, reports ZN.UA

"Prerequisites for signing an association agreement (with Ukraine) are missing," - said Merkel.

Meanwhile, German Chancellor did not rule out the possibility of signing an agreement in the future. "We are in the process, and, in our view, when the prerequisites are in place we will be ready to put our signature here," she added.

Merkel noted that the EU expects specific steps from Kiev. "There are a number of challenges but they can be overcome through dialogue," she noted. The German government believes that the EU, including Germany, will maintain "close contacts" with Ukraine.

At the same time, the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk expressed hope that the association agreement between Ukraine and the EU will be signed on November 2013, during the Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. It is in the second half of 2013 that Lithuania will be presiding in the EU.

Tusk stressed that he has a realistic view on the observance of democratic standards in Ukraine but added that he and the German Chancellor agree that relations with Kiev should be patient and understanding of the geopolitical position of Ukraine. Polish Prime Minister also said that Warsaw will support Ukraine's European path.

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