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 Svoboda Supporters Threatened in Kirovohrad Oblast: We Will Hang, Slay, Drown You and Burn Your Homes

Kirovohrad Oblast Organization of Svoboda addressed the Security Service of Ukraine, the prosecutor’s office, the police, and the local authorities demanding immediate investigation of the Ukrainophobic act.

As the oblast organization of Svoboda informs, they were approached by the rector of the local church (of Ukrainian Patriarchy) from the village Pantayyvka regarding the distribution of leaflets with direct threats to the villagers who voted for Svoboda in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 28 October.

He said that he first saw these leaflets posted near the temple, and then the parishioners began to bring the same leaflets from other parts of the village.

The authors of anonymous leaflets refer to supporters of nationalists: "From now on, live and think about the fact that Avengers in the form of grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Soviet army soldiers and partisans may come at any moment. And that is why we begin doing the same to you - hanging, slaying, drowning and burning your homes! Together with your children! And we will also do it at night to make sure you could not sleep every night! Beware! ".

The leaflets also state that the authors know what streets the Svoboda supporters live on with a few of them named.

According to the prior, one of the parishioners who lives on the street mentioned in the leaflet is very frightened and refuses to sleep in her own house.

The priest immediately addressed the Security Service of Ukraine and the police.

As the oblast party organization notes, if the power remains indifferent or inactive, Svoboda reserves the right to a public investigation and punishment of the perpetrators.

Head of the public relations center of Kirovohrad oblast police Vitalina Bevzenko informed the press that a statement regarding the incident was received yesterday by Oleksandriya city district police station and an investigation will take place.

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