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 Deputy Head of Party of Regions: Nationalism is Good. Svoboda Has People With Whom I Have Perfectly Normal Communication

Deputy head of the Party of Regions and deputy head of the party campaign headquarters Volodymyr Rybak said that Svoboda’s result in the parliamentary elections is a "disbelief in the opposition rather the power."

"The result of Svoboda is noteworthy, perhaps, not even for politicians but other institutions. You see - Europe is for some reason agitated about what happened. Such nationalistic outbursts happened in Austria a few years ago and somehow quickly disappeared," said Volodymyr Rybak in an interview to Glavkom.

"I think that nationalism is good but it should not cross the line of national-fascism and other things. If Svoboda runs with such slogans, declaring that "they will kick these bastards' asses", it is not nationalism but something different," noted the deputy. "Svoboda has people with whom I have perfectly normal communication - may be they wandered there by accident, I do not know. And 10% they received in the elections is a disbelief in the opposition rather the power."

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