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 Azarov Has 20 days to Decide on Future Work Place, Says CVU

Government members, who were elected deputies have until December 3 to decide if they will remain in the Cabinet or go to work in parliament.

The chairman of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine (CVU) Oleksandr Chernenko notes: "."I think that in these 20 days a political decision will be made regarding who goes to the parliament and who remains in the government, and in accordance with this decision, we will see who will file the papers and who will not," he said.

According to him, the candidates for deputies seats have filed statements of resignation if elected to the CEC during their initial registration. That is freed they will quit their work or lose their representative mandate if they are deputies of local councils.

"Today, after the announcement of the election results they have 20 days to file a copy of their resignation from work that is incompatible with deputy's job to the CEC or decide on the resigning the representative mandate of other local councils," - he said.

"Only after that the CEC shall issue their IDs of Rada deputies. Accordingly, these people have 20 days to decide whether they are going to the Parliament or remaining in their posts, especially if we are talking about the members of the government," added Chernenko.

At the same time, he reminded that the CEC may extend the 20-day period to meet this requirement of the law, if the deputies can provide valid reasons.

"But that does not mean that they will be given their deputy IDs", - he said.

"That is, in fact, if the CEC decides that Mykola Azarov, Petro Poroshenko and other members of the government in the 20-day period have not resigned, and found good reasons for this, the Parliament will meet in the amount somewhat less than 445 elected deputies," Chernenko said.

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