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 Klitschko Deputies Pressured to Join the Ruling Party

Udar party claims pressuring on its newly elected deputies – from the party list as well as from plurality districts.

HQ head and #5 in the party list Vitaliy Kovalchuk replying a question about pressure stated: ""Yes. We feel the pressure. There is already pressure and threats. We know of these facts," he said. According to hime the pressue is applied to both "plurality deputies and the onel on the party list." Replying to the question whether they trust their own deputies and what actions will be taken if someone did enter into an agreement with the government, Kovalchuk said, "the factions rules are clear excluding also a free vote." "As of today Udar is a team united by an idea. We do not have people who bought their place in the list. Everyone has equal rights," he said, according to Liga.

"We stand on the position of personal voting. There won't be any taking away the cards. This is childish. We trust our people. They are all conscious, self-sufficient and adult persons. They are all aware of their actions. And there is no better control than conscience. You can only betray once," he added.

At that Kovalchuk ruled out negotiations with the government, responding to a question if Klitschko wil be offered the post of speaker of parliament. "Any negotiations with the current regime is impossible for us. Udar has its own way. And we have the political will to walk this path," he said.

Answering the question of whether Udar will vote for projects of the Regions Party, he said: "We will be very surprised if the Party of Regions will propose a bill that will benefit this country and the people." Responding to the question whether the party to vote for the election of the president in parliament, he said: "We have the Constitution which clearly states how and by whom the President is elected in this country. Of course, we will not vote for such a law."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n223903