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 Office of Opposition Deputy’s Husband Stormed by Masked Men: It is Simply Political Revenge

The office of Phoenix Capital, the Board of Directors of which is chaired by the husband of deputy Lesya Orobets was stormed by masked men.

She informed the press personally in a commentary to the Ukrainian Pravda.

"This is simply political revenge," said the deputy.

According to her, the employees have shown through the glass that they are beat up and there is a search going on there.

"They certainly knew my schedule, they knew that today I am in Odessa and I cannot interfere and intervene," said Orobets.

At the same time, deputy's assistant Yaroslav Yurchyshyn who witnessed the invasion of the unknown men said that all employees are locked in the office and their phones are taken away.

"Unknown men introduced themselves as Organized Crime Division officers to the security but when they got inside they started using Tax Police IDs. The men refused to show any court order or a search warrant to the policemen summoned by the company employees," said Yurchyshyn.

According to Orobets, her husband is engaged in investment banking, it is a middle business with about 50 employees.

"He always paid all his taxes and forced his counteragents to do so but today the tax police wants something from him," said the deputy.

Later Orobets reported that she got a call on her cell phone from a hidden number and a person offered to "solve the issue through political negotiations."

"... Your political position we would be very valuable ..." she quoted the unknown person.

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