Ukrainian Politics

 Hrytsenko Did Not Sign Joint Statement of Opposition Because He Has His Own Plan

One of the Batkivschyna leaders Anatoliy Hrytsenko has not signed a joint action statement of the opposition forces.

Hrytsenko wrote on his blog: "The opposition will go to the parliament and will act in accordance with the 'Joint Action Statement of the Opposition Forces' adopted today by Batkivschyna, Udar, and Svoboda. I did not put my signature on the document because I offered a different plan of action and it was not supported."

Meanwhile, the politician said he would obey the decision adopted by the opposition. "However, the decision was made and we will fulfill it. Time will tell whether it was the right one," stressed Hrytsenko.

Yesterday, November 12, Batkivschyna, Udar, and Svoboda parties issued a joint statement on the official results of the elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on 28 October 2012. It states that the elections did not meet international standards, were undemocratic and non-transparent, and the announced results do not reflect the real will of the Ukrainian people. However, the opposition will not at this stage give up mandates of deputies.

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