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 Tymoshenko's Daughter: Mother is in Grave Danger. She is Under a lot of Pressure

Ukraine’s opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko is in “grave danger” in prison as her health declines from a hunger strike, her daughter has told The Times.

Yevgenia Tymoshenko appealed to Britain and Europe to increase pressure on President Viktor Yanukovych to release her mother, who has been refusing food for 11 days in protest at alleged fraud in parliamentary elections.

She is under constant "psychological pressure" from the regime which has installed hidden cameras to observe her even when she took showers or received medical treatment. Video has been leaked to the Internet in an attempt to humiliate her. It was later broadcast by one of the major TV channels, says Yevgeniya.

"She is getting weaker by the day. She has no access to phone and that is why one of us has to visit her every day to know that she is still alive," she added.

"Yanukovych is considered a dictator in Ukraine. You cannot negotiate with him. We ask for international community's help and not just statements of support. It is crucial to act now," she noted.

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