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 Party of Regions Spent 10 Times More Money on Elections than United Opposiion

The total campaign costs for these elections constituted $2,5 billion.

The evaluation was made by SA Political Communications presented by the president and chief executive of the Association of Ukrainian Outdoor Advertising Artem Bidenko, Tyzhden reports.

Namely, about $ 1 billion was spent by the winning parties and Ukraine Ahead! About $ 350 million was spent by the remaining parties and about $ 900 million by plurality candidates.

According to the estimates, the cost of the Party of Regions' election campaign was $ 500 million, the United Opposition - $ 50 million, Udar - $ 40 million, the Communist Party - $ 30 million, Svoboda - $ 20 million, Ukraine - Ahead! - $ 150 million.

The distribution of the budgets was on average according to the following scheme: 55% - media advertising, 45% - the cost of campaigning. Budgets for TV constituted up to 65% of the total media expenditures, 18% - for the budget of the outdoor advertising, 12% - for the press (excluding the party newspapers), 5% for Internet and radio.

The above data is an expert evaluation based on monitoring data from and inside information from party headquarters. Overall, however, they show a picture of what the prices would be if the the HQs bought advertising and campaigned in accordance with market prices. Actual costs may be less due to barter and use of own companies.

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