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 Yanukovych is not a President. He is an Oligarch, Says Opposition Deputy

The people want blood but not their own, says NUNS deputy Pavlo Zhebrivskyy.

The politician says that imprisonment is not an answer: "If you put everyone in prison they must be guarded and that means spendings. The question is simple: how much does Mezhyhirya cost? Pay the difference and enjoy it if you can. How much is Dniproenergo? Surcharges. 80 percent underpaid. This is about four to five state budgets. 25 percent of the oblast gas companies are bought for 20 million hryvnia - stunning prices. Today a decent apartment in the city center costs more. If you do not have the money to pay the difference you give it back and you will be compensated for what you paid," he said.

According Zhebrivskyi, people must be made to pay taxes in full. "Yanukovych is not really a President but an oligarch. And the oligarchs have to pay for everything. It will be much more efficient than imprisonment," said the politician.

In his view, although the situation in the country is worsening people still vote for the Party of Regions. "These people do not see an alternative. In the east they say: "We do not like the Party of Regions any more but we still do not not like the others." The United opposition said: "We will stop them." And a person in the east is thinking: "So what? They will come in their places? What is the difference between the two evils?" added Zhebrivskyy.
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