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 PACE: Ukraine is Living Under Authoritarian Rule

The head of the observer mission from the PACE, Chairman of the Socialist Group in the PACE Andreas Gross believes that Ukraine is already under an authoritarian regime.

He expressed his opinion in an interview with Tyzhden.

"For me, Ukraine is not moving there. It is already under authoritarian rule," - said Gross.

"The way the ruling party neglects the autonomy of the state but the interests of big business dominate the electoral law and politics, and how the general interest was forgotten in favor of some private economic interests - these are all signs of the fact that already exists, and will not appear when sometime in the future," he explained.

Talking about how the nature and course of the parliamentary election campaign in Ukraine has changed since the last election in 2007, the head of the observer mission of PACE, said: "If you want a short summary, I would say: We have seen the trend for increased authoritarianism."

"Today, the oligarchs and money have more power than in 2007, they control the state sphere", said Gross, adding that the amendments to the electoral legislation have strengthened their position in the current elections.

"Money has become even stronger and more powerful, and citizens feel pushed to the side and even more alienated from the process. Many more people than in 2007 will not recognize their will in the Parliament, elected in October 2012," says Gross.

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