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 Svoboda is Ready to Clean up Verkhovna Rada: We Can Kick Ass. If Needed…

Candidate of Svoboda Andriy Illenko who won election in the 215-th plurality district in Kyiv talks about the tasks his party will face in the new parliament.

LB.ua cites the deputy saying:

"I think that in the new Parliament we will finally show the contrast, the difference between us and the political forces that disappointed their constituents. Of course, we all taken for guys who can kick ass. If a necessity arises - no problem".

However, he noted that his political force seeks to show the quality of work in parliament as well. "People are waiting for specifics deeds. Making popular statements is not enough," he stressed.

Illenko said he feels immense responsibility entrusted to him and his political power by voters who put their trust in Svoboda in these elections. "Svoboda is the last hope. If Svoboda disappoints - that's it. No one will ever... And we have no right to discredit this hope," he said.

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