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 Azarov Told Kyiv Residents that Opposition Will Not Help Them: "Do You Understood me or not?"

Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov during his visit to the factory of reinforced concrete structures of House-Building Plant № 4 (Kyiv) appealed to the workers of the plant and said that the people they voted for will not help them.

UNN reports that the Prime Minister noted that under the conditions that have developed today he envies the fact that after the elections in the United States today the Republicans who lost they are extending a helping hand to the newly elected President and are ready to work together since the budget deficit is huge and Democrats cannot solve the problem by themselves.

"Unfortunately, we can say the opposite in Ukraine. All those who recently told us that they would tear the shirts for the people, as soon as the elections ended they forgot about it, and we have confrontation again. And we remain, as before, alone with our problems. I say this not in the manner of regret, because there I did not expect anything different knowing full well the nature of our politics. I say this, first of all, for ordinary people who are standing here and who can hear me (Azarov said, looking in the direction of the factory workers), those who you voted for will not help you. Do you understand me or not? And, by and large, we have to rely on ourselves, doing otherwise will do no good. This is the main conclusion to be drawn from these elections," said the Prime Minister.

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