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 Deputies Not Re-elected are Packing their Stuff – Books, Souvenirs, Bills, and Every Last Paper-Clip.

Deputies who were not re-elected for the next convocation of the Verkhovna Rada are packing things in their offices.

Independent Taras Chornovil is moving books, bills, and souvenirs.

Komsomolskaya Pravda cites the lawmaker: "Since I was a deputy head of the parliamentary committee on foreign affairs, I had a separate office. In the years of legislative activities I gathered a decent library there - over two thousand specialized books. Two thirds of them I have moved home. A few days ago I began packing souvenirs and analytic documents that I may need in the future," said the politician.

BYuT Deputy Andriy Shkil wants to take everything including every last clip . "Whether these things are expensive or not is unimportant. I intend to take everything that belongs to me," said Shkil, adding that he was the first to turn in the laptop provided by the state for the legislation activities. In his turn Taras Stetskiv who did not get into the new Rada is only interested in books and bills. He sees no problem with anything else.

For Lilia Hryhorovych the important things are relics. "I will take down the Mother of God Seven Arrow icon and the embroidered rushnyk (towel). And since I plan to do research work in health care I will take the numerous materials from different scientific conferences which I kept there," she said.

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