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 Berkut Special Forces Stormed Kaniv District Commission, Beat Protesters and Stole the Seal

At 6 a.m. Berkut police unit attacked the premises of the Kaniv district election commission #197 where the opposition’s Leonid Datsenko competes against oligarch Bohdan Gubskyy.

During the attack the protesters near the commission were beaten and injured, Gazeta.ua writes.

"Berkut stormed the premises to seize the seal of district election commission," said Cherkasy United opposition spokesman Tetyana Vorontsova. "Commission chairman Maksym Onishchenko went to his office took the seal and carried it out. This is a direct violation of the law, as the law clearly states that taking the seal outside the district commission is strictly prohibited. Now Onishchenko together with seal is in Kaniv police station. The opposition is gathering at the station to continue picketing. Deputy Andriy Shevchenko is in the district commission but police does not let anyone else into the building."

Yesterday head of the Cherkasy Oblast State Administration (governor) Serhiy Tulub stated that the elections in Cherkasy were fair and transparent.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n223210