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 Twenty Plurality Candidates Ready to Join the Ruling Party, Media Reports

At least 20 candidates who won the plurality districts as independents or representatives of opposition forces are ready to join the Party of Regions.

Tyzhden.ua citing a source in the election headquarters of the Party of Regions, reports on the matter.

"We did not make a big secret out of the fact that we want to form a single faction majority. We are now working in this direction, we already have about twenty applications to join the faction," said the source.

According to him, the future "carcasses" (independent or opposition candidates joining the ruling majority) are primarily independents but there are candidates from other parties. "However, the source declined to predict whether the Regions faction will get 226 votes.

The source noted that "we can confidently say that we have at least 210 seats."

According to the Central Election Commission, 187 candidates nominated by the Party of Regions (72 - from party lists, 115 - plurality members) will take their seats in the Parliament.

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