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 Party of Regions Deputy Shot and Killed Man and Was Not Even Arrested!

On Saturday, November 3, at Izyum district of Kharkiv oblast a 54-year-old Party of Regions deputy of the local city council Valeryy Gella shot fellow 37-year-old lawyer Dmytro Gulevskyy during hunting. The killer did not even spend a single day in prison but was immediately released.

According to the police the tragedy occurred due to violations in hunting safety but the hunters inssit that it was just an accident, Segodnya reports.

"Hunting has just begun and apparently the guys decided to change the place. Gella was rushing to the car and discharging the gun on the go. Unfortunately, the barrel was aimed to the side where Gulevskyy was running from. But Valeryy could not see it," - shared his assumption vice chairman of the regional Ukrainian Society of Hunters and Fishermen Anatoliy Zaretskyy.

Also the organization notes that the men have never been seen drunk during hunting and that they were professionals.

Yesterday, the case of the deadly hunting was transferred to prosecutors but they do not provide any comment.

Gella is currently free - he was released after the examination of the scene.

In 2007 while hunting in the Izyum area Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Party of Regions Evhen Kushnarev was killed. He was shot by Dmitro Zavalnyy and the circumstances of the crime indicated that it was not accidental.

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