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 CEC Unable to Determine Results in Five Districts and Proposes Re-election

The CEC unanimously adopted a resolution on the impossibility of establishing credible election results in the following single-member districts: 94, 132, 192, 197, 223.

The Ukrainian Pravda reports that the CEC adopted a resolution on the failure to establish reliable results of elections in single-member districts 94, 132, 194, 197, 223. All members of the committee voted unanimously.

The Decree proposes to acknowledge the impossibility to establish reliable results in these districts. The CEC proposes to hold re-election in these districts and appeal to the Parliament with a corresponding proposal.

However, the representative of the United opposition to the CEC Ruslan Knyazevych complained: "Of course we were surprised by the ruling. We oppose such action by the CEC. We expected that the CEC would withdraw the protocols and conduct the re-count itself," he said.

"It is nonsense to say that you cannot determine the outcome of the elections in 194 District. They cannot find the chairman of the committee, and our candidate won by 12,000. Why then you did not cancel the elections in Vynnytsya in the 11th district where a part of ballots in favor of our candidate was destroyed?" added Knyazevych.

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