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 Communists Demand $ 300 Million and Several Offices from the Party of Regions for Joining the Majority, Brygynets

The winner, according to preliminary data, of the 217 district (Kyiv) Oleksandr Brygynets states that the Communist Party demanded $ 300 million from the Party of Regions to ensure a parliamentary majority in the new Rada of the 7th convocation.

According to Brygynets' press service he claims that the mass fraud started after the Communists voiced their conditions to the ruling party. "In addition, he claims that massive fraud during the counting allegedly began after the Communist Party voiced PR terms and conditions.

"The compensation they supposedly demand is at least $ 300 million in place of the $ 100 million spent on their campaigning plus several posts in the government. To secure a majority in parliament without the Communists, the 'Regions' need several mandates that they cannot win by preliminary fraud. The only way to form a majority by themselves was to resort to illegal actions in several districts of Kyiv, Obukhiv, Pervomaysk and Kaniv," said Brygynets.In his opinion, the actions in these districts indicate the intention of the Party of Regions to form its own majority without other political forces.

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