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 Hrytsenko on Hubskyy’s Victory: It is Another Crime. Votes are not Counted, Commission is Still Working

Opposition deputies Anatoliy Hrytsenko said that the victory of Hubskyy in 197 district that the CEC website is displaying is a fake since the votes are still being counted, and the final protocol has not been compiled yet.

On his Facebook page the politician writes: "It is a crime. Another one. Shall we swallow it again? The votes have not been counted yet. The commission members are still working with the numbers ... This is first of all," he wrote.

"Secondly, the final protocol has not been compiled," stressed Gritsenko.

"Thirdly, Andriy Parubiy is standing near the server room, where the data for the CEC is entered (by whom and which data?) - the room is closed," wrote the deputy.

"An explicit and blatant falsification of data on voting results, a conscious misleading. To put a word on it - it is a crime! Once again in these elections," wrote Hrytsenko.

"Shall we swallow it again? As it happened in Mykolayiv, Vinnytsya, Kyiv, Kherson and other oblasts of Ukraine? Are the opposition deputies prepared to sit down with all these criminals and quietly work with them as if nothing happened?" Hrytsenko outraged.

"Or maybe we will dare to resort to a responsible and decisive action? And we will all together say NO - no to this regime, its crimes, and Rada formed on their basis?" called Hrytsenko.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n222961