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 Police Special Forces Destroy Protocols in Pervomaysk. People Harmed in a Fight, One Person is in Intensive Care

Berkut is destroying protocols in 132 district in Pervomaysk, Batkivshyna reports.

The party's press service reports that police have forcefully seized control of the protocols at night.

According to the witnesses, police forced the head of the commission (that they brought with them) open the safe and pulled out the original protocols of the precinct commission.

"People have tried to prevent them from stealing the documents since the removal of the protocols was not even legally executed," noted the press service.

People barricaded the door from the outside but Berkut (special unit) beat them up and began to break through the crowd to the bus. They kicked people and beat them with batons. Uniformed men and police rushed to help them beating up people and used tear gas.

Berkut loaded the boxes with protocols on the bus but the people did not let him leave. First they surrounded the bus and eventually blocked its path with 5 Kamaz trucks which are now holding the bus in a ring.

Eyewitnesses claim that police officers are destroying the protocols inside the bus.

During a clash with Berkut several people were injured and one person landed in the intensive care unit, Batkivschyna press service reports.

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