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 Infamous 223 District is Preparing for Assault: Pylypyshyn’s Thugs are Gathering on the Street

On Friday, November 2, around 4:00 a.m. members of the 223 commission moved furniture in the room of the district to barricade protocols and ballots.

The commission was expecting an assault by unknown persons who came there by bus.

Liga reports that opposition candidate in the district Yuriy Levchenko (Svoboda) also noted that he and his supporters also expect an assault. "Pylypyshyn's thugs are gathering on the street. There is a double-decker on Scherbakova street. And another one in the yard," said he.

Levchenko underlined that one of the commission members told him that there will be an assault today to ensure fraud in favor of "independent candidate" Pylypyshyn who is closely affiliated with the pro-ruling party.

According to Levchenko, thuggish looking men gathering near the commission as a rule have press cards. Svoboda candidate also informed that the danger lies in big windows - it is there that the gangs of pro-government "journalists" will try to break through or there will be an attempt to throw something in.

Furthermore, Levchenko said that now the building and its surroundings have a smaller number of Svoboda supporters than during the afternoon and evening on October 31. However, he is convinced that they will be able to prevent the capture of the commission.

Svoboda supporters which can be seen on online broadcast look very tired but confident.

Earlier, on the evening of October 31 a fight between Svoboda and 20 unknown men erupted at the entrance of the district commission #223 in the Shevchenko district of Kyiv.Tear gas was used during the fight. Levchenko, his party mates and journalists closed themselves in the room of the electoral commission. Unknown people tried to break into the room, but Svoboda representatives and the police kept them out. During the fight a glass door at the entrance of the commission was broken.

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