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 Deputy Pashynskyy Beat Up at Lyapina's 216 District

A fight took place at 216 district election commission.

The district is a place of competition between pro-government Oleksandr Suprunenko and opposition's Kseniya Lyapina. Previously the district commission has completed the acceptance of 100% of protocols and ballots and announced Lyapina a winner.

At about 11 p.m. during the commission's meeting a fight has erupted in which deputy Serhiy Pashynskyy was hurt. Oleksandra Kuzhel reported that Pashynskyy was beat up by member of the commission Golota. The journalists reports that Pashynskyy was trying to stop Suprunenko.

"216 district - Pashynskyy just had a fight with Suprunenko... Boxes of ballots fell down. The police is restraining them with their shoulders. During the fight Lyapina was shouting "Take care of the boxes! This is a provocation," wrote TVi reporter Yulia Bankova on her Facebook page.

Deputy Pashynskyy is writing a complaint to the police. He was hit in the kidneys.

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