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 Regime Determines Winners With the Help of Police Special Forces

Batkivschyna United opposition claims that the chairman of the district commission №132 in Mykolaiv oblast gave false information to the CEC regarding the victory of the Party of Regions candidate.

Batkivschyna deputy Serhiy Sobolev reminded that this morning the CEC website in accordance with 100% of ballots processed confirmed the victory of opposition candidate Arkadiy Kornatskyy with 4,000 vote advantage over his rival. At that, according to Sobolev, at about 6.00 p.m. the chairman of the district election commission went into the server room from which the data is transmitted to the CEC and the winner of the district has changed, reports UNIAN.

In particular, the CEC website has information that the candidate of the Party of Regions Vitaly Travyanko is winning. According Sobolev, it was later revealed that none of the protocols other than district commission's protocol were corrected and it was subsequently established that the votes of other candidate were recorded in favor of the ruling party's candidate. "When we wanted to enter the OIC, we discovered that the premises were blocked by men with machine guns. I mean the room where the server is located. There were gunmen there with machine guns pointing at us and they did not allow anyone in," stated Sobolev. He also noted that the district commission protocol was changed without any decrees of the commission itself.

As it turned out later, they used a common technology in these elections when the candidates' names were changed without changing the voting results. Thus, as a result of this simple and straightforward manipulation supported by the fact that people were removed from the district commission by Berkut special police forces the government candidate won.

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