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 All Opposition Candidates that Klitschko Asked to Take Down are Winning in Kyiv Elections

In 8 Kyiv districts representatives of the United opposition that Udar party asked to take down in its favor have won the elections.

Namely these districts are:

211 - Serhiy Terekhin. Udar's Mykola Babenko took third place after the ruling party candidate Ihor Lysov.

212 - Vitaliy Yarema. Udar's Kyryl Kulikov is in the third place.

213 - Volodymyr Yavorivskyy with 36.66%. Udar's Sokur - 14%.

216 - Kseniya Lyapina is fighting for her victory. As of 4 p.m. she has 29.04%. Second place is occupied by pro-government candidate Oleksandr Suprunenko. And Udar's candidate is in the third place.

217 - Oleksnadr Brygintets. He is fighting with an independent candidate Volodymyr Stolar. Udar is in the third place.

220 - Chronovolenko Oleksandr with a confident win. Ivan Fishenko from Udar took 2nd place.

221 - Leonid Yemets with 30.52%. Yaroslav Didenko is in the second place.

222 - Dmytro Andriyevskiy is currently leading. Rena Nazarova (Udar) is in the second place.

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