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 Kyiv Districts Where Opposition is Winning Start Recounting Votes

Districts 214 and 216 of Dniprovskyy district of Kyiv had to recount the votes.

The commissions' work itself had been stopped several times due to violations and squabbles, reports TSN.

Since the election night 155 districts have been waiting for their boxes with ballots to be accepted. The queue has stretched out for three floors up.

Boxes with the wills of Ukrainians are everywhere. Some people are sleeping clinging to them and some boxes serve as chairs.

The chairman of the commission #429 Zaretskaya Julia says that all this is due to a technical error in the figures. At night, they were sent for clarification. But instead of clarifying 493 votes were written in favor of another party. The squabble was over three boxes but they will have to re-count 5,000 ballots.

The participants suspect that the process is dragged on purpose. People are hysterical because they are told that the records are filled out incorrectly.

As of the morning of October 30, 65.43% of protocols have been counted in 214 district. A representative of the Strike Victor Chumak is leading with 38.57%. His main rival, independent candidate Oles Dovgyy has 34.28% of the vote.

District 216 witnesses the rivalry of Kseniya Lyapina (Batkivschyna) and independent Oleksandr Suprunenko. 75.67% of votes has been counted. Lyapina has 29.04% and Suprunenko - 28.05%.

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