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 Moskal: What the Hell We Pay Our Special Services for? For Feeding Us With Some Bulls#@t?

First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption Hennadiy Moskal expressed outrage regarding a refusal to open a criminal investigation of the kidnapping of Russian citizen Razvozzhayev in Kyiv.

"Mr. Polischuk (Ukrainian Police spokesperson) either pretends to be an idiot or he is truly a dumb spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs. There is a criminal responsibility for kidnapping a person! It is not written who is suppose to kidnap him/her - criminals, special services or someone else... A person was kidnapped in the territory of Ukraine against his will, against the will of relevant bodies. A person who started the process of obtaining a refugee status was kidnapped near an international organization. They just have open a criminal case as to the matter of kidnapping and in the course of investigation to establish who kidnapped him instead of listening to stupid and pointless mumbling of border patrol!" said Moskal in an interview to Censor.NET. "(They need to find out) which border checkpoint did he go through. How - through the air, railroad, or a car. Who escorted him and who was by him. Who processed the paperwork."

"What the hell do we pay our taxes to these security services and border patrol for? So they can feed us some bullshit story and make fools of us? Why wasn't the Russian ambassador called to the Foreign Ministry? Why was there no protest note? Why were not Russian FSS (former KGB) and Ukrainian SSU Foreign Intelligence representatives invited? Why there was no was not the demarch for holding illegal investigative operations in Ukraine? Why has MFA been keeping silent on the issue so far?" fumed the politician. "What state do we live in? Tomorrow we will not be able to go out freely because we can be kidnapped and then you turn up in Paraguay, Bolivia, Sierra Leone, or Somalia... "

"How does Polischuk know that it was special services that kidnapped Razvozzhayev? Was he a witness? Like the Ministry, like the spokesperson. Useless," concluded Moskal.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n221624