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 Baloga Wrote to Yanukovych: Your Subordinates Nominated a Bandit who was Convicted of Gang Rape

Head of the Ministry of Emergencies Viktor Baloga wrote a letter to President Viktor Yanukovych regarding the incident with blocking his car in Zakarpattya oblast.

In his address Baloga informs that one of the cars who blocked his path contained Party of Regions candidate Mikhail Lanyo also known as gangster Blyuk previously convicted of gang rape.

Full letter to the President is below:

"I turn to you as the acting Minister of the government, parliamentary candidate and a citizen regarding the events that took place on 24 October during my campaign trips in Zakarpattya. The incident was yet another confirmation that the parliamentary elections are held in an atmosphere of intimidation, pressure and coercion and among the candidates for the parliamentary mandate you often encounter people from the criminal world.

After a meeting with voters in Mizhgirya district on my return home in Mukachevo my path was blocked by four cars, one of which had Mikhail Lanyo in it. Currently this man is a candidate from the Party of Regions but even today Zakarpattya community knows him as a gangster nicknamed Blyuk. There is reliable information confirming his conviction of one of the most infamous crimes - gang rape. Local media have reported Blyuk's direct involvement in other notorious crimes in the region.

Blocking my path together with his accomplices, Lanyo wanted to hold a conversation with me, called 'showdown' in the language of criminals. His motives are unknown to me, but the chosen method of communication and challenging behavior shows that the incident was a direct threat to me. Thanks to the actions of the State Protection Department employees which remain with me under your orders managed to prevent a dangerous development. I have formally asked the Attorney General to conduct a prosecution investigation regarding the incident and give a proper assessment of Lanyo's actions.

However, the main reason for my appeal to you is not a legal side of the matter but moral. Your subordinates in the Party of Regions nominated a person with a criminal record, criminal mind and a dubious reputation for a deputy to represent a ruling party. Thus, all activities directly related to the course of the current government team and the policies that you embody as the Head of State. I am personally offended that the actions of your subordinates clash with the President willing to ensure fair and 'clean' elections.

I am confident that you can personally intervene and correct the error. Today it is solely your prerogative. The President will show the society that he cares about democratic future of Ukraine. Otherwise "Blyuks" will build a bandit state of villans mixed with fear and contempt for people. I do not want that. I am sure that my President does not want that."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n221571