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 Party of Regions Gang Attacked Me, Says Emergencies Minister Baloga

Emergencies Minister Viktor Baloga says that a gang of the Party of Regions candidate tried to block his car.

On his Facebook page the Minister wrote: "Just finished a meeting in Mizhhirya (Zakarpattya oblast) and went to the Mukachevo. Outside the city my path was blocked by four VIP cars. Blyuk wanted to 'talk' to me from the position of strength. My guards professionally pushed the cars and the gang aside and we drove on. I requested the Attorney General to take this matter into consideration. I believe that in a country that declares its European path, the facts of this criminal behavior in politics shall not be allowed. Therefore, the reaction of the state should be rigid, irreversible and immediate."

Earlier, the Minister also reported vote buying by the Party of Regions' candidate.

"On the way to my cottage in Chinadievo of Mukachevo district a woman stopped me. She told me that they started giving out money from Blyuk. Blyuk is not a last name but a nickname of the Regions candidate in Chinadievo, Svalyava district where he opposes Oleksander Kemenyash. So the woman says, they give 200 hryvnias and she wondered what to do in this situation. I told her take the money and on Sunday vote as your conscience tells you. And I asked that she tell it to everyone - let people go and take the money, there is still time. Because it's dishonest money and dishonest elections and this is the only way to take what is yours from the thieves," wrote Baloga.

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