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 Poet Pavlychko: I Call for Maidan

The hero of Ukraine, poet, and candidate of the United Opposition Dmytro Pavlychko believes that, if the elections on October 28 are rigged, the opposition forces have no other way out of this difficult situation than Maidan (revolution).

"The regime cannot be stopped. It is re-elected in democratic countries, and in countries where the power is concentrated in the hands of a dictator, it is taken. Who takes it? Opposition forces, the rebellious people," said Pavlychko, reports Glavkom. "The current regime in Ukraine is such a power, which is actually concentrated in the hands of one person. This is exclusive power of Viktor Yanukovych, which is based on hundreds of thousands of security forces - the police, the armed forces, the security services, the armed suppression of freedom. This is a new Stalinism decorated by democracy, which cannot be stopped by small demonstrations of Chernobyl rescuers, Afghan soldiers, Svoboda marches. Only powerful, nationwide Maidan can disarm and drive away this power."

"This power is bold, it is really afraid of the opposition forces, constantly relying on the conflicts that exist among the opposition. It despises the very people of Ukraine. It is trying to teach us to be obedient, gradually, step by step, trampling our national dignity, historical memory. It is destroying our church, culture and language. This regime is throwing a lasso of social dead end on the people. It wants us get used to the idea that we have no choice but to simply adapt to these conditions that the power dictates," said the Hero of Ukraine. "The government throws thousands of riot policemen with rubber truncheons against democratic meetings and rallies. This is the police state, and it is essentially anti-Ukrainian, anti-democratic."

"Slaves like the power that beats. We look like we are free but at heart we are slaves. All our behavior of Ukrainians, Russians, all former Soviets shows that we behave like slaves. We are not capable of thinking about anything else than making a quick buck, setting ourselves," added Pavlychko. "Our president spends two hundred and ninety thousand dollars per hour on safety, security, and comfort of his life. Our government is a government of slavery because it does not work for the people but it works to enrich itself. They know that they will soon be expelled and they are trying to make money for the future."

"If the elections on October 28 are rigged the opposition forces have no other way out of this difficult situation, except Maidan. I call for Maidan. But I do not call for blood. I call for organizing. We have the experience of the previous Maidan,"- summed up Pavlychko.

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