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 Nemtsov: Who is Yanukovych? Putin's Kremlin Branch? It's a Shame

Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov stated that kidnapping of activist Leonid Razvozhayev is a shame to President Viktor Yanukovych.

In a comment to UNN he stated that he used to consider Ukraine a proud and independent state, however, after the incident with Razvozhayev he has many questions to the head of state.

"I have question to Mr. Yanukovych: is he a president of an independent country if somebody is kidnapped and tortured right under his nose and then taken to Russia illegally. Who is Yanukovych? Head of Putin's Kremlin branch's? Was he elected President through an accident - he was just passing by? It's a shame! It is a complete defamation for your country," stressed Nemtsov.

According to him Russian opposition plans to make Ukrainian special service answer for the kidnapping of Razvozhayev but the main task right now is to get a lawyer to him. "Putin's gestapo does not allow lawyers to him now. They do not explain why. They are savages. Gangsters in power just like you have. We are trying to get the lawyers to him, we will establish the circumstances of his kidnapping and torture and we will hold Ukrainian special services liable. They cannot even maintain order in their own country," said Nemtsov.

Answering the question whether the situation around Razvozhayev is a favor to Russia he said: "We cannot trade people in return for gas. Gas in return for people - only a bastard can conclude such an agreement. You cannot trade a human for a one cent discount for gas."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n221418