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 Four Ukrainian Oligarchs Are Already Banned from Entering US

Sanctions against Ukrainian officials may be implemented in 2013 and without a warning. Americans do it faster, while the European Union slower, since it consists of over 20 countries.

The fact that the word sanctions in regard to Ukrainian authorities has already been mentioned in PACE and US Senate resolutions is a serious warning, says Anatoliy Hrytsenko (of the United opposition).

Citizen Position Party (Hrytsenko's party) press service reports that Hrytsenko compared this with a warning shot in the air after which a shot to kill will be made. "Will there be sanctions in November or December? I don't think so. Can they be implemented later? I'd say yes. And they do not have to be officially announced," noted the politician. According to his information, four oligarchs are already not allowed to enter the US and they know about it. "They can easily do the same to officials from the government and Presidential administration. Americans do it faster, while the European Union slower since it has over 20 countries. The EU reacts fast when the country is already burning. The relations of Ukraine and EU are not that hot yet to expect immediate sanctions," said Batkivschyna representative.

Hrytsenko advised Yanukovych to hear the warning and stop. His team rules Ukraine but lives abroad. They have their villas, planes, yachts, bank accounts, and offshore companies there. If they don't think about the future of the country they should think about their future," he concluded.

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